Tool: Oval French Oven


Oval French ovens are perfect for slow-cooking soups, stews, sauces and much more. Heavy-duty lids create a solid seal to retain heat and moisture.


Translations: Oval franču Krāsns, Ovalo formos prancūzų Orkaitės, Oval franceză cuptor, Oval Francuski Pećnica, Lò nướng hình bầu dục Pháp, Piekarnik francuski owalne, Oval Franse Oven, ओवल फ्रेंच ओवन, Oval Forno francês, Овал французский Духовка, Οβάλ γαλλική Φούρνος, البيضاوي فرن الفرنسية, 타원형 프랑스어 오븐, Oválné francouzské trouby, Овални Француски Рерна, Hugis-itlog Pranses hurno, 椭圆形的法国炉, Oval francès Forn, Oval francoski Oven, Oválne francúzske rúry, Forno ovale francese, הסגלגל הצרפתי Oven, Oval franska Ugn, Oval Oven Perancis, オーバルフランスオーブン, Ovale Four français, Oval Französisch Oven, Oval fransk Ovn, Oval franske Ovn, Óvalo francés Horno, Овал французький Духовка, Oval ranska Uuni, Овални френски фурна



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julieta cadenas's picture

These are fabulous, a must have in every kitchen. I own two different sizes, one like this and a slightly smaller one. They are perfect for pot roast, soups, stews, soups, roasts, cassoulet and many other thing. I really don't know what I would do without them!