Tool: Electric Steamer


A healthy alternative to other cooking methods, steaming requires no oil and helps retain more essential vitamins. An electric steamer allows you to quickly steam rice and several dishes at the same time.


Translations: Elektros Steamer, Steamer electric, Električni parobrod, Điện bàn ủi hơi, Elektrische Steamer, बिजली स्टीमर, Электрические Стимер, Ηλεκτρικά Steamer, الباخرة الكهربائية, 전기 기선, Elektrické Steamer, Electric bapor, 电蒸锅, Elèctrica Vapor, Električni Steamer, Elektrické Steamer, החשמל Steamer, Elektriska Steamer, Електрични пароброд, 電気スティーマー, Électrique à vapeur, Elektrisk Steamer, Eléctrica Vapor, Електричні Стімер, Електрически параход



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An inexpensive bamboo steamer over a pot of water on your stove top works just fine at about 90% less the cost of the fancy electric model...especially if counter space is a premium.