Tool: Terrine


A terrine can refer to an earthenware casserole or to the dish made in it.

Terrine (the tool) is a covered glazed earthenware used to cook the terrine meatloaf.

Terrine (the food) is a French forcemeat loaf (meat is ground or finely chopped). It is placed into the covered terrine, and is cooked in a baine marie. When the dish cools, it is pressed firmly to release air pockets trapped in the terrine.


Translations: Terīne, Τερίνα, Terina, Terina, Террине, Terină, Terina, טרין, Блюдо из дичи, テリーヌ, Terrin, Terrina, Блюдо з дичини, 肉酱, TERRIN, Terriini, Terrina, Терина



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