Tool: Escargot Plate


A plate that is specially designed, with divets, to hold the French dish escargot (snails). To use an escargot plate, first prepare a butter sauce by finely chopping shallots, parsley and crushed garlic. Add salt and fresh ground pepper and carefully cook until very hot. Place a little butter in the bottom of each hollow, add the snails and top with the savory sauce.


Translations: Σαλιγκάρια Plate, Escargot plokštė, قوقعة بلايت, Šnečí tanier, エスカルゴプレート, Escargot tanjuru, Escargot Tafel, Šnečí talíř, אסקרגו פלייט, Есцаргот плоча, 'Escargot 플레이트, Escargot plato, Escargot प्लेट, Escargot mural, Равлики плити, 田螺板, Escargot tavla, Улитки плиты, Escargot mural, Аспержи Плейт



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