Tool: Dessert Decorator


A tool that allows you to decorate desserts and canapes by piping icing (or other creamy textured substances) through a tube. Various shaped tips can be attached to the end of the tube to create designs such as stars, flowers, dots, etc.


Translations: Deserta dekorētājs, Desertai Apdailininko, Desert decorator, Desert Decorator, Tráng miệng Decorator, Deser Decorator, Dessert Decorateur, मिठाई Decorator, Sobremesa Decorator, Десерт Decorator, Επιδόρπιο διακοσμητή, حلوى للديكور, 디저트 Decorator, Dezert dekoratér, Десерт Декоратер, Dessert dekorador, 甜品装饰, Postres Decorador, Posladek dekorater, Dezert dekoratér, קינוח מעצב, Dessert Inredningshörnan, Dessert dekorator, デザートデコレータ, Dessert Décorateur, Dessert timer siden, Postre Decorador, Десерт Decorator, Jälkiruoka Decorator, Десерт декоратор



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