Tool: Wooden Mallet


A large hammer-like implement used to tenderize meats or pound out doughs. Smaller versions are used for cracking crab at the dining table. In some cultures long wooden mallets are used with large mortars to pound grain to produce flour. In Japan, cooked rice is pounded to produce a sticky paste called mochi.


Translations: Din lemn Mallet, Gỗ Mallet, Drewniane Mallet, Houten hamer, लकड़ी की लकड़ी का हथौड़ा, Деревянный молоток, Ξύλινα Mallet, مطرقة خشبية., 나무 Mallet, Dřevěné Mallet, Kayu Mallet, Kahoy na malyete, 木槌, Mazo de fusta, Leseni Mallet, Drevené Mallet, Legno Mallet, עץ Mallet, Träklubba, Дрвени Маллет, 木製のマレット, Holzhammer, Trækølle, Mazo de madera, Дерев'яний молоток, Puiset Mallet, Дървени Mallet


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