Tool: Round Clay Flame-Top Oven


The gentle heat distribution of clay cooking vessels makes them ideal for braising, browning and slow cooking. Raised dots on lid interiors distribute evaporated juices back into the dish for self-basting that produces exceptionally moist and tender food.


Other names: Round Clay Flame Top Oven
Translations: Round Māla Liesma-Top Krāsns, Apskrito Clay Liepsnos Top Orkaitės, Runda Flame-Top Clay Cuptor, Okrugli Glina Plamen-Top Peć, Vòng Lò Clay Flame-Top, Clay Round Top Piec-Flame, Round-Top Flame Clay Oven, मिट्टी दौर लौ टॉप ओवन, Round forno de barro Chama-Top, Круглый Клей Пламя-Top Духовка, Γύρος Πηλός Φλόγα-Top Φούρνος, جولة فرن الطين لهب - الأعلى, 라운드 클레이 화염 - 톱 오븐, Kulaté Clay Flame-Top trouba, Округли Глина Пламен-топ Рерна, Round Clay ningas-tira sa Tuktok, 圆形粘土火焰烤箱, Ronda de forn de fang Flame Top-, Okrogla Clay Flame-Top Oven, Guľaté Clay Flame-Top rúra, Round forno di argilla Fiamma-Top, מסביב לתנור קליי למעלה להבה, Runda Clay Flame-Top Ugn, Clay Oven Flame Round-Top, ラウンドクレイ炎トップオーブン, Four en argile ronde Flame-Haut, Round-Top Flame Clay Oven, Runde Clay Flame-Top Ovn, Rund Clay Flame-toppen Ovn, Ronda de horno de barro Flame Top-, Круглий Клей Полум'я-Top Духовка, Round Clay Flame-Top Uuni, Кръгла Глина Пламък-Top фурна



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