Tool: Oyster Knife


An oyster knife is specifically designed for shucking Oysters and other types of shellfish. It usually consists of a thick, pear-shaped handle that is easily gripped, connected to a triangular, thick, pointed, yet blunt blade.

The knife is wedged into shell close to the hinge, then twisted to cause the shell to crack open. Once the shell is open the knife is then used to cut the strip of muscle that keeps the shell attached.

It is a very handy tool that can reduce the time it would normally take to pry open an oyster. Also a very versitle tool in general. Works as a screw driver (both standard and phillips), can pry many things open or break apart things like frozen chicken breasts or sausages.


Translations: Austeru nazis, Oyster peilis, Oyster cuţit, Oyster Nož, Oestermes, कस्तूरा चाकू, Ойстер-нож, Στρείδι Μαχαίρι, المحار سكين, 굴 나이프, Oyster nůž, Tiram Pisau, Talaba Knife, 牡蛎刀, Oyster ganivet, Ostriga nož, Oyster nôž, צדפות סכין, Нож Каменица, オイスターナイフ, Østers Knife, Oyster cuchillo, Ойстер-ніж, Стриди нож



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Thanks for posting this essential tool!

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I love this tool! i would have "holey" hands if it wasn't for this tool!