Tool: Egg Poacher


A recepticle that holds eggs in hot water in order to be poached. It prevents the eggs from falling apart when placed directly into the water.


Translations: Olu malu mednieks, Kiaušinių brakonierius, Ou braconier, Jaje lovokradica, Egg kẻ săn trộm, Egg Stroper, अंडा शिकारी, Ovo Poacher, Яйцо браконьера, Αυγό λαθροθήρας, البيضة الصياد, 계란 밀렵자, Vaječný pytláka, Telur pemburu, Egg mandarambong, 蛋波彻, Ou caçador furtiu, Egg Zvjerokradica, Vaječný pytliakov, ביצת סחבן, Јаје ловокрадица, 卵ポーチャー, Egg krybskytte, Egg Panserulker, Huevo cazador furtivo, Яйце браконьєра, Muna Poacher, Яйце бракониер



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CKKS's picture

Easy to use. But are microwave poached eggs as good as the more difficult classic method?