Tool: Laguiole Cheese Knife


Laguiole cheese knives are a high-quality traditional Occitan knife, originally produced in the town of Laguiole in the Aveyron region of southern France.


Translations: Laguiole Siera nazis, Laguiole Sūrio peilis, Laguiole Cascaval Knife, Laguiole Sir Nož, Laguiole Sery Knife, Laguiole Kaasmes, Laguiole पनीर चाकू, Laguiole Нож для сыра, اجيول جبن السكين, 라귀이욜 치즈 나이프, Laguiole nůž Sýry, 拉吉奥勒芝士刀, Laguiole cuchillo de queso, Laguiole nôž Syry, Laguiole coltello formaggio, Laguiole גבינה סכין, Laguiole Ostkniv, Лагуиоле сир Нож, ラギオールチーズナイフ, Laguiole couteau à fromage, Laguiole Käsemesser, Laguiole ganivet de formatge, Laguiole Ніж для сиру, Laguiole Juusto Knife, Laguiole сирене нож



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