Tool: Larding Needle


Some meats benefit by being threaded through with seasoned fat, such as venison, bottom round of beef and less marbled cuts of meat. It bastes the meat and contributes flavor and tenderness. Larding is done with strips (lardons or lardoons) of blanched salt pork, fresh salt pork, bacon. Using the needle, you thread strips through the meat at whatever intervals you prefer. If you pay attention to how the meat will be sliced against the grain, you can have the strips showing in a pattern. Info derived from The Cooks' Catalogue, 1975


Other names: Lardoir, Barding Needle
Translations: Larding Adata, Larding ac, Larding Naald, Larding सुई, Engordurar Agulha, Larding иглы, Larding Βελόνα, الحشو بشحم الخنزير الإبرة, Larding 니들, Larding Jehla, Larding jarum, Larding karayom, Larding针, Larding agulla, Larding Ihla, Larding מחט, Лардинг Игле, Lardingニードル, Larder aiguille, Spicken Needle, Larding aguja, Larding голки, Larding Neula, Larding игла



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