Tool: Drip Coffee Machine


A small kitchen appliance that brews coffee without having to boil water in a separate container. Ground coffee beans are placed within a paper or metal filter, which is placed over a recepticle such as a coffee pot. Cold water is poured into a separate chamber, which is then heated up to the boiling point, and directed into the funnel. The coffee then "drips" into the pot.


Other names: Drip Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine, Coffeemaker, Automatic Drip-Brew
Translations: Pilēšana Coffee Machine, Masina de cafea picurare, Dobovanje Aparat za kavu, Máy pha cà phê nhỏ giọt, Ekspres do kawy Drip, Drip Koffiezetapparaat, ड्रिप कॉफी मशीन, Капельное кофеварка, Στάγδην Καφετιέρα, بالتنقيط القهوة آلة, 똑 커피 머신, Drip kávovar, Drip Mesin Kopi, Pumatak-patak Kape Machine, 滴咖啡机, Cafetera de degoteig, Odcejanju Coffee Machine, Drip kávovar, Drip Macchina da Caffè, בטפטוף מכונת קפה, Dropp kaffebryggare, Добовање кафу, ドリップ式のコーヒーメーカー, Machine à café filtre, Filterkaffee-Maschine, Drip kaffemaskine, Drypper kaffe Machine, Cafetera de goteo, Крапельне кавоварка, Tippuminen kahvinkeitin, Капково кафе машина




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