Tool: Crumpet Rings


Round, hollow rings that are used to form crumpets and English muffins. The rings are placed on a hot griddle into which the batter is then poured. The rings help keep the shape while cooking.


Other names: English Muffin Rings
Translations: Apaļmaizīte Gredzeni, Crumpet Žiedai, Inele binelea, Čajni kolač Prstenje, Pała Pierścieni, Plaatkoek Ringen, Crumpet के छल्ले, Crumpet Anéis, Кольца пышек, Τηγανίτα Δαχτυλίδια, الفطيرة الصغيرة خواتم, 핫케이크의 일종 반지, Lívanec prstenů, Krampet singsing, 烤面饼环, Crumpet Anells, Čajni kolač Rings, Lívanec prsteňov, Frittella Anelli, לחמניה טבעות, BOLL Ringar, Прстење Згодна жена, クランペットリング, Crumpet Anneaux, Crumpet Ringe, Tekage Ringe, Crumpet Ringer, Crumpet Anillos, Кільця пампушок, Teeleipä Rings, Препечена питка пръстените



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