Tool: Julep Strainer


A type of cocktail strainer that is concave and circular with a handle. It fits tightly onto a mixing glass when on an angle. The concave part of the strainer is perforated with several dozen small holes. It is typically used to make Mint Juleps.


Other names: Mint Julep Strainer
Translations: Julep sietiņš, Julep koštuvas, Julep sita, Julep cjediljka, Julep lọc, Ulepek Sitko, Zeef Julep, Julep छलनी, Julep Filtro, Джулеп фильтра, Ηδύποτο Φίλτρο, الجلاب المصفاة, Julep 거르는, Whisky Sítko, Julep salaan, 朱利普滤网, Colador Julep, Julep Odcejevalnik, Whisky Sitko, Julep Filtro, Julep מסננת, SIRAP Sil, Јулеп цедиљка, ジュレップストレーナー, Julep crépine, Julep Sieb, Julep Sil, Colador Julep, Джулеп фільтра, Minttugrogi Strainer, Julep цедка

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