Tool: Wide-Slot Toaster


A toaster with two slots large enough to accommodate bagels, patries and more.


Other names: Two Slot Toaster, Two-Slot Toaster
Translations: Platus anga Skrudintuvas, Wide-Slot Prajitor paine, Široki-Slot toster, Wide-Slot nướng, Toster Wide-Slot, व्यापक खांचा टोस्टर, Torradeira Wide Slot-, Широкий слота Тостер, Wide-Slot Τοστιέρα, فتحة واسعة المحمصة, 와이드 슬롯 토스터, Široký-Slot Toustovač, Wide-Slot toster, 宽槽烤面包机, Wide-Slot Torradora, Wide-Slot nazdravi, Široký-Slot Hriankovač, Wide-Slot Tostapane, Wide-Slot טוסטר, Wide-Brödrost, Широки-слот Тостер, ワイドスロットトースター, Grille-pain Wide-Slot, Wide-Toaster, Wide-Slot Tostadora, Широкий слота Тостер, Laaja-Slot Leivänpaahdin, Богат-слот Тостер



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