Tool: Slotted Spoon


Slotted spoons are spoons with long handles. It has slots or holes in the bowl of the spoon which helps separate the solid from the liquid items. It can be made from different materials like wood, stainless steel or plastic.


Translations: Rievām Karote, Sraigtai Spoon, Fante lingură, Prorezom Spoon, Rãnh Spoon, Szczelinach Spoon, Schuimspaan uit de pan, Slotted चम्मच, Сковороды, Τρυπητή κουτάλα, ملعقة فترة زمنية محددة, 그거 나올 스푼, Štěrbinový lžíce, Slotted kutsara, 开槽汤匙, Cullera ranurada, Prorezom Spoon, Štrbinový lyžice, כף מחוררת, Slitsade Spoon, Прорезом Кашика, 穴あきスプーン, Cuillère à rainures, Schaumlöffel, Hulske, Flate skjeen, Cuchara ranurada, Сковороди, Ura lusikka, Разрязана Лъжица



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