Tool: Gravy Boat


Dish designed specifically for serving gravy. Usually consists of a small low pitcher that is permanently affixed to a saucer. Thought this seems a bit odd the first time you pick one up, it is designed to prevent gravy from dripping on the table after pouring or ladling gravy onto food.


Other names: Gravy Bowl
Translations: Mērce Laivas, Sos cu barca, Zdjelica za umak, Sauskom, ग्रेवी नाव, Соусник, Σάλτσα Σκάφος, المرق القوارب, 육즙 보트, Gravy lodí, Tempat saus, Lalagyan ng sarsa, 肉汁船, Salsa Vaixell, Omaka Boat, Gravy lodí, Salsiera, רוטב סירה, Посуда за сос, グラビーボート, Saucière, Sauciere, Saucekande, Saus Båt, Salsa Barco, Соусник, Kastikekulho, Сос с лодка



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