Tool: Old Fashioned Glass


An Old Fashioned glass is a type of rocks glass used to serve the traditional cocktail also named an Old Fashioned. It is a short glass with straight sides.


Translations: Vecmodīgi Stikla, Old fashioned Stiklas, De modă veche sticla, Starinski stakla, Thủy tinh cũ thời, Szkło starym stylu, Old Fashioned glas, पुराने ज़माने के ग्लास, Старомодную стекла, Old Fashioned Γυαλί, الزجاج القديمة الطراز, 구식 유리, Staromódní sklo, Kaca kuno, Lumang moda Glass, 老式的玻璃, Old fashioned vidre, Staromódny sklo, מיושן זכוכית, Old Fashioned Glas, Старински стакла, オールドファッショングラス, Old Fashioned verre, Whiskyglas, Gammeldags Glass, Gammeldags glass, Old Fashioned vidrio, Старомодну скла, Vanhanaikainen Glass, Old Fashioned стъкло



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