Tool: Round Grill Pan


A skillet-type pan with ridges that raise food, so fats drip down and away from the food, allowing for low-fat grilling. A channel around the edge of the pan collects cooked-off fat.Great for grilling meats, fish, vegetables or sandwiches.


Other names: Round Grill Skillet
Translations: Kārta Grill Pan, Apskrito Grill Visos, Gratar rotund Pan, Vòng Grill Pan, Grill okrągły Pan, Ronde grillpan, दौर ग्रिल पान, Grill Round Pan, Круглый Гриль Пан, Γύρος Grill Pan, جولة الشواية عموم, 원형 그릴 팬, Kulatý gril Pan, Round grill Pan, 圆形烧烤盘, Graella Rodona Panamericana, Okrogla Grill Pan, Okrúhly gril Pán, Grill rotondo Pan, גריל עגול פאן, Rund Grillpanna, Округли Роштиљ Пан, ラウンドグリルはパン, Grill moule rond, Runde Grillpfanne, Runde Grill Pan, Rund Grill Pan, Parrilla Redonda Panamericana, Круглий Гриль Пан, Pyöreä Grill Pan, Кръгла грил Пан



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