Tool: Gastronorm Sizes


Standard sizes of containers used in the catering industry. Examples of such sizes are GN1/9: 108 x 176 mm or GN1/6: 176 x 162 mm


Translations: Gastronorm Izmēri, Gastronorm Matmenys, Gastronorm Dimensiuni, Veličine Gastronorm, Gastronorm Rozmiary, Gastronorm Maten, Gastronorm आकार, Gastronorm tamanhos, Размеры Gastronorm, Gastronorm Μεγέθη, Gastronorm مقاسات, Gastronorm 크기, Gastronádoby Velikosti, Ukuran Gastronorm, Gastronorm Sukat, 份数尺寸, Mesures Gastronorm, Velikosti Gastronorm, Gastronádoby Veľkosti, Gastronorm Taglie, Gastronorm גדלי, Kantiner Storlekar, Величине Гастронорм, Gastronormサイズ, Gastronorm Tailles, Gastronorm Größen, Gastronorm Størrelser, Gastronorm Størrelser, Medidas Gastronorm, Розміри Gastronorm, Gastronorm koot, Gastronorm размери



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