Tool: Channel Knife


A commonly used bar tool, the channel knife is a small peeler with a metal tooth on one end used for making long, thin garnishes such as citrus twists.


Other names: Citrus Knife, Zester, Channle Knife
Translations: Kanāls Knife, Kanalo peilis, Canal de cuţit, Channel Nož, Kênh Knife, Kanał Knife, Kanaal Knife, चैनल चाकू, Canal Knife, Источник нож, قناة السكين, 채널 나이프, Kanál Nůž, 频道刀, Canal Knife, Kanál Nôž, Canale Knife, ערוץ סכין, Kanal Knife, Нож канал, チャンネルナイフ, Kanal Knife, Kanal Knife, Canal Knife, Джерело нож, Канал нож

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