Tool: Pilsner Glass


Intended strictly for serving the namesake pilsner beer, but is often used for serving other types of light beer. These types of glasses are slimmer than pint glasses, but not the smallest beer glass in size. Made with very thin glass, wider at the top and skinner towards the bottom and often sitting on a glass pedestal, otherwise known as a foot. Often called a footed-pilsner glass.


Other names: Footed Pilsner Glass
Translations: Pilsner Stikla, Pilsner Stiklas, Pilsner sticlă, Pilsner Glas, Pilsner glass, Pilsner стекла, Pilsner زجاج, Pilsner 유리, Pilsner sklo, Pilsner Kaca, Pilsner salamin, 比尔森啤酒玻璃, Pilsner vidrio, Pilsner sklo, Pilsner Glas, Пилснер стакла, ピルスナーグラス, Pilsner Verre, Pilsner ग्लास, Pilsner vidre, Pilsner скла, Pilsner стъкло

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