Tool: Gray Kunz Spoon


The Gray Kunz spoon is a large shallow spoon ideally suited for saucing plates. It was introduced by Chef Gray Kunz at Lespinasse in New York. Many of the cooks who spent time under Chef Kunz adopted the spoon when they moved on to run their own kitchens, but it is still referred to by the name of its originator.

The Kunz spoon is available online from JB Prince.


Other names: Kunz Spoon, Gray Kunz Sauce Spoon
Translations: Gray Kunz κουτάλι, Pilka Kunz Šaukštas, رمادي كونز ملعقة, Gray Kunz Lingură, 회색 Kunz 스푼, グレイクンツスプーン, Gray Kunz Sendok, גריי Kunz Spoon, Серые Кунц Spoon, Gray Kunz kutsara, ग्रे Kunz चम्मच, Сірі Кунц Spoon, 灰色昆茨勺, Сива Кунз Кашика, Грей Kunz Лъжица



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