Tool: Garlic Press


A garlic press is a kitchen device that allows one to crush a whole clove of garlic in a single motion. It renders the clove even more finely crushed than if minced with a knife. Cloves can be placed in the press whole with skin on to save even more time, although it may require a bit more pressure. Other uses include crushing ginger, which can be done if the ginger is cut into rounds.
Tip: Be sure to wash your garlic press immediately after use; if any remaining garlic is allowed to dry, the holes can become blocked. If this happens, soak in a mug of warm water for 5 minutes, and poke out the garlic with a toothpick.


Translations: Ķiploku spiede, Česnakai Spauda, Usturoi de presă, Češnjak Press, Tỏi báo chí, Czosnek Press, Druk op Knoflook, लहसुन प्रेस, Σκόρδο Τύπου, الثوم الصحافة, 마늘 프레스, Česnek Tisk, Бели лук за штампу, Bawang Pindutin ang, 大蒜新闻, All de Premsa, Česen Press, Cesnak Tlač, Aglio stampa, שום לחץ, Vitlök Press, Bawang putih Tekan, ニンニク絞り器, Presse-ail, Hvidløg Press, Ajo de Prensa, Valkosipuli paina, Чесън Прес



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