Tool: Trumpet Champagne Glass


A classically styled champagne flute where the glass gently tapers outward from the bottom to the top, similar to a trumpet.


Other names: Trumpet Champagne Flute
Translations: Trompete Champagne Glass, Trimitas Champagne Glass, Trompeta Champagne de sticlă, Truba Champagne Glass, Trąbka Champagne Glass, Trompet Champagne Glas, तुरही शैम्पेन ग्लास, Труба бокал шампанского, Τρομπέτα Champagne Glass, البوق زجاج شامبانيا, 트럼펫 샴페인 글래스, Trubka Champagne Sklo, Trumpeta Champagne salamin, 小号香槟杯, Trompeta Champagne Glass, Trobenta Champagne Glass, Trubka Champagne Sklo, Tromba bicchiere di champagne, חצוצרה שמפניה זכוכית, Trumpet champagneglas, Труба Шампањац стакла, トランペットシャンパングラス, Trompette CHAMPAGNE, Trompete Champagner Glas, Trompet Champagne Glas, Trompet Champagne Glass, Trompeta Champagne Glass, Труба келих шампанського, Trumpetti Champagne Glass, Тромпетът шампанско Стъкло



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