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January 21, 2014
Beets are a vitamin and mineral powerhouse. It’s truly one of the best elixirs for your body, and it tastes great too.
January 20, 2014
I typically pair lychees with green tea in the summertime, but mixing it with oolong during the colder months is a season-appropriate and welcome change.
January 19, 2014
Very good and creamy without being heavy. Interesting usage of milk rather then cream, but I think it works. It’s a good winter drink.
January 18, 2014
The fresh citrus flavors from the lemon and tonic paired with the toffee, caramel, and vanilla flavors from the bourbon over crushed ice is pretty hard to beat
January 17, 2014
I will kick off my weekend with the Basil Smash. Jörg Meyer of Le Lion invented this drink a few years ago here in Hamburg. Since then the Basil Smash has become majorly popular around the world.
January 16, 2014
Nearly everyone, including me, who tasted this tea was suddenly scrounging through their purse or asking a stranger for a pen and paper to jot down the recipe. It’s that good. And there’s more than just the lavender, chamomile, and peppermint
January 15, 2014
Loaded with potassium for hydration and carbohydrates for regeneration, it’ll help you out, big time. I should mention that this smoothie is also great for hangovers.
January 14, 2014
Every Martini is always unique which is what it so special, even with the same ingredients and maker, and with the variants on the garnish, gin, vermouth etc, the permutations are endless.
January 13, 2014
This lovely concoction is inspired from a cocktail I had in Queens, New York this year. It was so yummy, I made everyone in my party have a sip. And then they all ordered one. Of course, I had to make a variation to enjoy in the leisure of my own house. It has now become a family favorite.
January 12, 2014
Warm, spicy, mulled wine… or “Glühwein”. The best part is- this drink is a great way to use up a half-used open bottle of red wine that’s past its prime. Just throw it on the stove and spice that baby up!
January 11, 2014
While there’s not a single malt to be found in this list, we have to give the marketing folks and mixologists who supplied us with these spicy recipes due credit: some of these are pretty tasty.
January 10, 2014
Godfather is a drink that can be found on the official list of cocktails IBA (International Bartenders Association). According to some it was the favorite drink of the American actor Marlon Brando, who played the title role in the popular movie “The Godfather.”
January 9, 2014
Recently I stumbled onto a cocktail which I associated with a hair metal band that I loved in middle school (the White Lion), and I was pretty surprised to find another variant on the lion theme in a totally different cocktail book.
January 8, 2014
Here are some of the basic guidelines on combining tea with food.
January 7, 2014
One of my favourite treats is hot chocolate, and in cold, wet, windy weather, hot chocolate is just the thing to perk me up.
January 6, 2014
Coriander and mint together makes a refreshing drink, not only does it freshen you up but it cleanses your whole system by detoxifying.
January 5, 2014
Calimochos are a sweet and delicious red wine cocktail that are really my dream cocktail come true because they're made with my other favorite beverage - Mexican Coca-Cola.
January 4, 2014
So this morning, I was craving something sweet and decided to make a Toffifay (or Toffifee) Cordial, and I must say that the new year is off to a great start.
January 3, 2014
It’s creamy and chocolaty without being overly rich and it’s spiced with cinnamon, ginger, allspice and a pinch of cayenne for a little extra warmth.
January 2, 2014
Before a meal, an aperitivo is often drunk to stimulate the appetite, afterwards a digestivo to aid digestion. In today’s post we’ll take a look at the first category, the aperitif.
January 1, 2014
A fresh, homemade Bloody Mary. The drink is a snap to put together.
December 31, 2013
For this cocktail, I wanted to delight in a drink that uses one of my favorite combinations – champagne and whiskey.
December 30, 2013
The “French 75″, also known as the “Soixante Quinze”, is a classic + vibrant champagne cocktail.
December 29, 2013
A nice dinner cocktail to put some POW into your evening! Simple and straightforward is this cocktail and sure to please the pallet in anticipation of your big meal!
December 28, 2013
Sometimes a girl needs a martini - strong, succinct, and effective.
December 27, 2013
This Ginger Lemon Tea has been soothing and keeping me hydrated. Ginger is a healthy anti-inflammatory and immune booster, lemon is full of vitamin C, and honey has antibiotic properties.
December 26, 2013
Chai lattes are one of my favourite winter warmers, the delicious hot, sweet spiciness of them never fails to comfort and thaw on even the coldest days.
December 25, 2013
This drink is…AMAZING. i mean…really good
December 24, 2013
This right here is a deeelicious punch we made last weekend. It’s simple, doesn’t require too many ingredients, and the cherry vodka with limes and cranberries is the perfect touch.
December 23, 2013
Here are a couple of more reds to consider at different price points, but they both present good value.