Chocolate Dipped Palmiers

March 3, 2009

Oh how I love palmiers! Their delicate and flaky layers, their bits of caramelized sugar...and to make them even more naughtily delicious, dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts!

Mon dieu. So many French pastries, so little time.

Best of all, these little "palm leaves" are a snap to make (if you're not making your puff pastry from scratch). In less than one hour you can bring a little bit of Paris to your guests in the form of these petite sweets.

Go to Foodista for the easy recipe.

Chocolate Dipped Palmiers on Foodista



Nina's picture

wow! You actually make these? I thought I was doing well when I brought home the girl scout cookies. I have to say the caramel delites are my favorite. Speaking of which I better open another box. Ok maybe next time I will try to make my own puff pastry.

Rosebud's picture

They are so delicious! We ate them all the time in Zihua. Not chocolate dipped, however. They would even be better.

Donna's picture

Saw this on photograzing.. Just had to tell yuo how Gorgeous these are!! They look so pretty and I bet they are delicious!

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