Kale Chips

March 14, 2009

I was reading my friend Keren's blog, Frantic Foodie, the other day and she talked about kale chips (which she had read about in Edible Seattle). Kale chips! She inspired me to embark on making my own assortment of veggie chips. The other day it was Golden beet chips and today it was kale. I'd never thought to roast any green leafy vegetable into a "chip state" - frankly, I didn't think it could be done - but the result made me giggle with delight. So delicate (too much so to package up) and light they are almost like fine glass ornaments. That is, iff glass were edible. And they didn't take nearly as long as I thought they would to become crisp. If you need a mega vitamin boost to your diet or you're simply looking for an uber-healthy snack, roast up a bunch of kale. I could easily have eaten a whole head myself if I didn't need to share with Barnaby. Click here for the Kale Chips recipe. Kale Chips on Foodista



Seth's picture

I LOVE kale! I often pit in the the oven after cooking to crisp-it-up.

Hadley's picture

I love kale chips! They're perfect to take to work for a mid-afternoon snack or to nosh on while watching a DVD at home!

Rachel's picture

Kale chips are an excellent substitute for normal chips. I like to bake mine at a low heat (about 90 degrees) to maintain their enzyme content and keep the healthy vitamins and minerals in tact. Then, I'll toss them in a mix of raw apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, ground pine or walnuts, sea salt and sometimes I'll add spices if I'm feeing extra spicy!

Alexis's picture

How long do you bake your kale chips at 90 degrees? And--they don't get mushy when you toss them in the vinegar mix?