Tasmanian Sparkling Wine Fever: Catch It!

August 25, 2010

 I get so bored with the wines I am normally presented with at work. Napa Cab? Yawn. Another mediocre, overpriced Washington wine with a dreadful label? I shudder. Frankly, I'm jaded. But when something new and totally unexpected comes my way, it reminds me of why I love both my job and bottled, fermented grape juice. This just happened when I was invited to lunch by a wine importer. So what came out his bag that was to become my latest wine crush? Sparkling wine from Tasmania. Yes, Tasmania. That island off the southeastern coast of Australia. I know, when you think Tasmania you're thinking about that famous, copyrighted cartoon character known for his energy, quick temper, and a contentious relationship with a certain wise-cracking, carrot-chomping rabbit. Hey, I was in the same boat. But it's time to expand your horizons and equate high-quality sparkling wine with this remote island. I must stress that I like the Clover Hill for more than just its esoteric qualities. It's delicious. The juice is barrel-aged like many of the most famous, pricey French Champagnes. So you have a very rich and complex still wine made magical and sultry with the addition of bubbles. Wait, who the hell am I kidding? Forget about all this back-pedaling "it's all about what's in the bottle" BS! It's from Tasmania!!! How cool is that?!? Drink it up! So Foodista-ists, what was the last wine with unusual origins you enjoyed? 



Michelle's picture

So how much is this sparkling wine from Tasmania? And where can you get some? Sounds delicious!!!!

Jameson's picture


It should be about 25 bucks. It's imported by a company that I am pretty sure is owned by California winery Clos du Val. So call a wine shop and tell them you want this wine and whoever they get Clos du Val from can get the Clover Hill for you.


Laury @TheFitnessDish's picture

That wine looks amazing! Enjoy!!! Have a great weekend!

Tuscan Foodie's picture

Funny: being Italian and having lived in a French wine dominated country for many years (Belgium) I consider Washington wines exotic! I do love Australian wines though. But I never tried a Tasmanian one.

Jameson's picture

I still can't help geeking out over discovering sparkling wine from Tasmania. Try it; it's a nice, richer-styled sparkling wine. It would be lovely with lobster.

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