Finnish Activists Kidnap Ronald McDonald

February 14, 2011

Members of a Finland-based activist group called the "Food Liberation Army" kidnapped a statue of fast food mascot Ronald McDonald from a Helsinki restaurant on Jan. 31.  They later produced an Al-Qaeda style video, in which a group of masked men stood behind the statue with a hood over its head.

They demanded answers to 8 questions about how McDonald's creates its food products. Strangely though, the group's leader told NPR that he ate at a McDonald's restaurant the very day after he stole the statue.

In response to the incident, the company issued a statement: "McDonald’s is always available to engage in constructive conversations with our customers, stakeholders and the media. This stunt is in very poor taste and not a responsible approach to meaningful dialogue."

For the record, the statue did not have a happy end after McDonald's failed to respond by the group's deadline.

Video released by the Food Liberation Army

Image c/o Daily Mail



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