Rooster Combs Could Become Food Ingredient

February 21, 2011

Rooster Comb

One Spanish food company has applied to make rooster combs a "novel" food in the United Kingdom. For those who may be confused, the comb is the red, fleshy skin of the rooster's head. Much like elephant tusk or shark fin, some people believe the comb possesses a sort of magical power.

A "novel" food in the UK means something without significant human consumption before May 15, 1997. Potential nutritional benefits in rooster combs had been researched long before that time. Experts know that combs contain Hyaluronan, which protects eyes and could help prevent wrinkles.

Food companies believe extracts from the combs could help relieve joint pain, and would consider adding the extract to yogurt, dairy, and other products. But before people start gobbling up rooster combs, the UK will have to assure the food's safety.

Would you eat rooster combs?

Photo via Tennessee Wanderer

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