Do Not Buy Celebrity Coffees

February 22, 2011

Well, that's what we can infer after reading about a blind-tasting that occurred recently thanks to LA Weekly. For their tasting, they selected coffee from Rob Zombie (legendary metal musician and movie producer), Darth Vader (you know, of Star Wars fame) and David Lynch (filmmaker). Those celebrities have lent their names to these new coffee brands. How did they perform? Star Wars Dark Side Roast: On the plus side for Mr. Lucas, most tasters didn't find anything inherently wrong with his coffee. Unfortunately, it did not taste like anything. Tasters called it "dull, flat, dusty and astringent." David Lynch House Roast: Nothing especially remarkable here either. One person professed that they would drink it at a fancy restaurant, but then answered that coffee at fancy restaurant stinks anyway. Called "flat," "peanuty," "metallic" and "stale." David Lynch Espresso Roast: Yeah, not so much. My two favorite comments on this coffee were that it tasted "like wet socks" and "moldy." Yum!

Cup of Coffee

Rob Zombie Hellbilly Brew Organic French Roast: Definitely saving the worst for last. On the plus side, it's organic and free trade. LA Weekly reports the coffee was "universally loathed with a variety of descriptors that included 'cleanser,' 'cigarette ash,' 'pencil shavings,' 'burned leather,' 'darkest roast I've ever had in my life' and 'dangerous to drink.' They later added it was "one of the worst coffees ever to assault our palates" and wondered if something was off with the brew. Sounds like that rumor about metal gods making a good coffee blend may not be true. I, for one, am disappointed. Here's some good coffee though: Irish Coffee Photo by Flickr user dyobmit



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You know I bet if someone were to make Duncan Hills Coffee it would be pretty awesome. I would love to pick up a roast called "Blacker Then the Blackest Black Times Infinity" Roast lol Then again that's probably what people were thinking with these three. Goes to show quality is still important no matter how clever your brand.

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