Canlis Brothers Unveil New Marketing Campaign

February 26, 2011

Seattle restaurant Canlis received national attention last fall for a menu scavenger hunt they launched in anticipation of the restaurant's 60th anniversary. Starting in October, the restaurant began hiding a menu from 1950 at famous locations throughout Seattle. They then issued cryptic clues by Twitter. One lucky person would find the menus and got to enjoy dinner at Canlis with those prices from 1950.

The scavenger hunt exploded. I ran across people who left work early, dispatched groups of friends throughout the city and got speeding tickets, all in hopes of finding one of those menus.

Now, the brothers are creating a brand new marketing sensation. Their head chef, Jason Franey, was nominated by Food & Wine Magazine as the People's Best New Chef.  In response, the brothers began staging pictures throughout the city at famous landmarks, decked out with signs saying "Vote for Jason." They release the photos every day on Facebook and Twitter.

They have done things like....playing music outside of the original Starbucks at Pike Place Market....

Canlis Outside the Original Starbucks

....blowing in the wind on top of the Space Needle....

Canlis on top of the Space Needle

....and hanging at the Lenin Statue in Fremont.

Canlis at the Lenin Statue

Photos courtesy of Canlis Facebook.



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