Making Homemade Soda

February 26, 2011


We’ve all been eagerly watching the news surrounding the original Coca Cola recipe, curious to see what’s actually in that bubbly brown brew. We also know soda is high in sugar, and probably not a great option if you want a beverage that has any kind of nutritional benefits whatsoever. But soda doesn’t have to be so demonized. Making soda at home is a great way to make sure you know what’s going in your drink, plus it’s fun too! You could even try your hand at the secret Coke formula if feeling so inclined, or create your own special drink and give it a fun name.

Did you know that you could actually use soda to fuel your car? Toss out your old soda, and get started making your own tasty but more healthful soda pop in your own home:

  1. First, you’re going to need some sterilized bottles, preferably glass. Choosing interesting shapes and sizes for your bottle can actually be really fun and give your soda a unique twist. Another very helpful tool is a candy thermometer, for measuring the soda temperature.
  2. Next, you'll need a five gallon bucket with a spigot and a 12 quart stock pot. Okay, this is a bit of an initial investment, but once you’ve started, it’ll be worth the initial purchase.
  3. Finally, collect the ingredients: Sugar, soda extract, brewer’s yeast, and any additional flavorings.

Not so bad, right?

To get more in-depth instructions for the actual brewing process, click here:

To try your hand at some homemade ginger beer, see below:
Homemade Ginger-Ale on FoodistaHomemade Ginger-Ale

Photos by Flickr user sarae and fireinmybelly



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