Strangest Ice Cream Flavor Ever

February 28, 2011

In history. This ice cream has gone on sale in the United Kingdom, made with only the freshest milk. What's so strange about it then? Well, the milk you see, well, it's human. Human breast milk that is. Icreamists is a store operating in London's Covent Gardens that began selling the "Baby Gaga" ice cream last week. Customers are served the special order by an employee dressed up as the pop singer. Initially just one woman provided the "donations" for the dessert, but now 15 women help out. They are paid £15 per 10 ounces of milk they donate. Each woman's milk is screened for safety, before being pasteurized and made into the sweet stuff. The first donor, Victoria Hiley, said she was performing a sort of public service. Women who taste this new ice cream will appreciate how sweet human breast milk actually is and will be more likely to breastfeed their children, she argued. Store owner Matt O'Connor claimed his product represents one of the first new ice cream innovations in 100 years and said people should eat it because they give their children the same milk. What's good enough for babies should be good enough for us, he claims. Hiley acknowledges the more practical side of her work too, though, "What's the harm in using my assets for a bit of extra cash?" A more traditional ice cream is pictured below.

Vanilla Ice Cream

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Update on Gaga Breast Milk Ice Cream's picture

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