Red Meat Linked to Bowel Cancer

March 1, 2011

red meat

The United Kingdom Department of Health warned people who eat a lot of red meat to decrease their consumption, after linking high consumption to increased risk of bowel cancer. A new report by the Scientific Advisory Commission on Nutrition (SACN) links red meat consumption to increased risks of bowel cancer. At the same time, the report links moderate red meat consumption to a healthy diet.

To decrease the risk of cancer, the Department of Health recommends eating no more than 70 grams (or about 3 ounces) of red meat per day. 40% of men, while just 12% of percent of women, exceed 90 grams of meat consumption each day. Bowel cancer is the second most prominent in the United Kingdom, affecting more than 36,000 people annually.

The report recommends no more than 500 grams of meat consumption per week. As with most scientific work, critics say the recommendations are far too strict and warn that people who don't eat enough meat often suffer from an iron deficiency. If you reduce your consumption, make sure you cook good meat when you do. See below for a delicious recipe.

Photo by Joshua Rappeneker

French Roast/rib Roast



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