5 More Truly Weird Restaurants

March 2, 2011

Looking for more bizarre restaurants to take someone special? Well, I wouldn't suggest any of these for a first date; best to work up to them. Some of the selections below are in the United States, if you would like to make the trip. Leave a message in the comment section if you've ever eaten at any of them!

1) Heart Attack Grill (Arizona): If you're over 350 pounds, this is the place for you. Anyone tipping the scales at that weight or higher eats for free. Customers are called "patients," meals are "prescriptions" and the provocatively-dressed waitresses are "nurses." The restaurant's theme is a hospital, and you might easily end up there if you eat their 8,000 calorie quadruple bypass burger. With the slogan "Taste Worth Dying For" and a milkshake boasting "World's Highest ButterFat Concentration," this establishment openly flaunts its unhealthy meals.

Heart Attack Grill

2) The Pelican Bar (Jamaica): If you want a truly unique drink, this would be the place to go. Located a mile out to sea, you have to hire a boat to take you there. Once you arrive, the bartender will prepare you cocktails until late in the evening. A windmill provides lighting for the establishment. Though destroyed by hurricanes before, the owner rebuilt and The Pelican Bar remains an amazing place for a cocktail.

The Pelican Bar

3) Hobbit House (Philippines): Located in Manila, this restaurant has a fairly unusual concept. It was founded in the 1970s by a Peace Corps member. Everyone in the place is dwarf, like the characters in the Lord of the Rings books that inspired the name. Reviews of the place suggest the food is not the greatest, but they have a wide selection of drinks. Also, there is an Elvis impersonator. What's not to love?

4) Kinderkookkafé (Netherlands): In this place, the children do everything. They cook, wait tables, clean up and charge you for the pleasure. Actually, the restaurant has two adults that supervise the kids and help them with the preparation, but the kids do pretty much everything for this restaurant. How much would you pay to have food cooked by children?

5) Ninja (New York): Just to reach the dining room you have to navigate underground passageways and obstacles in your path. Once you're seated, ninjas drop from the ceilings to serve as your waiters. They'll delight you with tricks and stunts. The elaborate design cost $3.5 million to build. The restaurant offers a variety of Japanese culinary delights. See below as a waitress springs into action.

Ninja Restaurant

Photos by marysuephotoeth/ Denny O'Brien/ bdu




WHY would someone even consider eating at an establishment called "Heart Attack Grill"! And, I assume that Michelle Obama has not visited there recently??

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