6 Awe Inspiring Food Challenges

March 2, 2011

Oh, the things we'll do for free food. I spotted this list on Coupon Sherpa and picked out six of my "favorite," if that's even the right word. Complete any of these challenges and your food is free. Providing for your food baby is not.

1. Pho Garden (San Francisco): The challenge is to eat three bowls of the largest size of pho in under 60 minutes. All three are put into one trough. The finished product contains two pounds of beef and two pounds of noodles. Check out the size of the bowl below:

Pho Garden Challenge

2) Beau Jo's Pizza (Colorado): You can complete this challenge at seven locations throughout the state. A team of two eaters has an hour to demolish the Grand Sicilian Pizza, a 16-inch thick crust pizza containing 12 to 14 pounds of sausage and hamburger. It's also loaded with mushrooms, peppers and pepperoni. Two eaters tackle the challenge below. No word on how they fared.

Beau Jo's Challenge

3) Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria (Kennesaw, Georgia): You and a buddy have one hour to finish an 11 pound pizza. It's loaded with about a pound of all the meats (sausage, pepperoni, etc.). The stakes are raised because if you succeed, you get $250. See below for a picture of the pizza.

Big Pie in the Sky Carnivore Challenge

4) Clinton Station Diner (Clinton, New Jersey): This may actually be the most insane challenge out there. You and four buddies have three hours to devour a 50 pound hamburger. It's called Mt. Olympus, and actually weighs that much. If that's too much meat for you (whimp!) then you can tackle the Zeus Burger, which is 7 pounds of meat. For it to be free, you have to finish it in three hours (or 1.5 hours with a friend). Check out the size of this mythical burger below.

Mt. Olympus burger challenge

5) Cowtown Diner (Fort Worth, Texas): You have to plan ahead for this one. Call the day before to let the restaurant get your challenge ready. They'll take a 64-ounce steak and chicken-fry it, add some country gravy, toss on 6 pounds of mashed potatoes, and some Texas toast. You have the whole day to eat it. I guess that makes it easy? Winner gets the entry price ($70) back. The serving size is pictured below.

Cowtown Diner

6) Specks Bar and Grill (Topeka, Kansas): I know it's just from seeing some of the other challenges out there, but this one doesn't seem quite so hard by comparison. You have 45 minutes to eat a 3 pound burger and a bunch of french fries that come with it. I know that's a ton— actually an unbelievable amount of food— but check out the burger below. It almost seems skinny. That's OK, I'll let someone else compete for me though.

Photos by Pho Garden, Coupon SherpaBig Pie in the Sky Pizzeria, Clinton Station Diner, Cowtown Diner, Specks Bar and Grill



Tuscan Foodie in America's picture

Oh my...that's a lot of food indeed. I am probably wrong, but I think that the most difficult for me would be the pho. That liquid in volume must be bigger than your stomach...