Celebrity Chef News Roundup

March 4, 2011

As the cult of personality continues to grow around chefs, we'll try and keep you posted on some of the latest news. Here's some collected news about your favorite celebrity chefs: 1. Jamie Oliver: The British superstar chef is currently in Los Angeles, trying to film a second season of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" where he attempts to educate children about the importance of eating healthy, natural food. He's run into all sorts of obstacles from the local school district. Yesterday, however, he unveiled a stunning mobile food truck that will travel around the country educating people about food. One question remains: is it green, Jamie? Check out the truck below...

Jamie Oliver's Mobile Food Truck

2) Grant Achatz: You may not have heard his name (or, like me, may not know how to pronounce it), but you should have. Achatz is young, but his Chicago restaurant Alinea was named the best in the country in 2006 by Gourmet Magazine. In 2008, Achatz himself was named the best chef in the country by the James Beard Foundation. His career (and life) were derailed with a diagnosis of tongue cancer in 2007, and Achatz endured an experimental treatment that caused him to temporarily lose his sense of taste. That sensation has gradually returned though, and Achatz will launch his second restaurant, Next, shortly. Diners will be transported to a different region of the world, during a specific time period, but only briefly. Achatz will keep each menu for just three months before starting another one. Paris 1906 is the first. Among other innovations, the restaurant only offers reservations in the form of nonrefundable tickets (much like going to the opera). Through this new method, Achatz will ensure a completely full house each night and won't have to deal with costly last minute cancellations. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he's a leader in molecular gastronomy (that's what drew so much buzz about Alinea) and his memoir, "Life, on the line" is due out shortly.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="333" caption="Grant Achatz (left) in his restaurant "][/caption]

3) Gordon Ramsay: The angry British chef has had an up and down week. On the positive side, he made his first Canadian investment and will buy into (and reinvent) the historic Laurier BBQ in Montreal. Additionally, the Fox television network announced it would renew "Hell's Kitchen,"the reality-based kitchen cookery show hosted by Ramsay, for another two seasons. On the negative side, another suit has been filed against Ramsay for sexual discrimination. One of his accountants alleges that she was fired because she was about to alert the press about his crumbling empire. Another young chef actually stabbed himself this week because he was so afraid of working for Ramsay.

Photos by Eater, stu_spivack, gordonramsaysubmissions