Extremely Specific Niche Food Blogs

March 5, 2011

One of the great things the internet brings us is extremely specific sites. Sometimes those sites have an odd connection to food. Here are a couple of them:

1) Paula Deen Riding Things: The southern belle of cooking was seen at the "South Beach Wine and Food Festival" getting pretty wild with fellow chefs. Those images have been turned into a blog, where contributors add the pictures of Deen at the festival to other videos or pictures. For example, here she is riding a piece of corn that President Bush is eating.

Paula Deen Riding Things

2) Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things: The "beloved" North Korean dictator creates quite the cult of personality. In this case, the blog posts pictures of him looking at things. Unfortunately, the site is not limited to food. Nevertheless, those images are some of the most striking. Do you think North Korea has a lot of propaganda photos? In the photo below, the dear leader stares at some prepared food.

King Jong-Il Stares at Food

3) This is Why You're Fat: The site takes some disgusting looking food ideas and posts them. All of them involve lots of unhealthy food, prepared with more unhealthy food. For example, see the pulled pork donut sandwich pictured below. It looks, um, well, like something.

Pulled Pork, Donut Sandwich

4) Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza: Actress Bea Arthur passed away in 2009 and is probably best-remembered for her role of Dorothy on The Golden Girls. Someone decided that a site was needed that combined photos of the actress, mountains and pizza in one place. Here's one of their samples.

Images from Paula Deen Riding Things, Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things, This Is Why You're Fat, Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza



Jon Krampner's picture

While it can't possibly hope to compete with some of the blogs you mention here, I have a blog devoted to peanut butter:


It's part of the website connected with my upcoming book about the history of peanut butter, and has lotsa good info about same.

Camille Willemain's picture


An image feed of Tom Selleck, waterfalls, and sandwiches. What more could you need?