5 Even Weirder Restaurants

March 12, 2011

If you thought the first two installments of this list were weird, you haven't seen anything yet. Presenting 5 even weirder restaurants.

1) Ogori Cafe (Japan): This is a wonderfully simple idea that also offers a peek into the human conscience. You order at this restaurant, but you receive what the person before you ordered, and the person after you receives your order. Make it a game if you want: treat the person after you to a wonderful meal or try to be a cheapo and offer very little. It's not clear if this place is actually still open, but someone in the USA should pick up the idea.

2) Titanic Theatre Restaurant (Australia): Dinner theatre meets horrific disaster in an Australian restaurant. The inside resembles the original ship and will simulate its path along the Atlantic Ocean, with one major difference: the captain rescues everyone and you dock safely in New York! Guests can choose from three seating arrangements— steerage, first class or the captain's table. Musicians and entertainers help make your voyage seem even more authentic. Guests are expected to follow a dress code.

3) Harvey Washbangers (USA): Combining two of man's most pressing needs, eating and doing laundry, this establishment offers a large menu of food choices and a full-service laundromat. You can eat your lunch while waiting for your clothes to wash and dry. The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner, and is located right by the Texas A&M campus. Lots of hungry college students that need to do laundry... seems like a winning recipe to me. The outside of the restaurant can be seen in the image below:

4) Fontainebleue (Saudi Arabia): Leave your male friends at home because this restaurant does not allow any men. Located in Riyadh, the restaurant is part of a larger shopping complex that only allows female guests. Boasting that it fills a "niche in the ladies sector of our society," the shopping center offers all the amenities you would expect without the annoying presence of men. The cafe has become a favored meeting spot, and offers a "wide variety" of delicious foods.

5) Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant (USA): True to its name, Al Johnson's serves people delicious Swedish food in the middle of Wisconsin. What makes this place more than a little unusual, though, are the goats that graze on the roof of the restaurant. That's right, the restaurant has an extensive grass roof that allows the goats to munch happily away. Between 5 and 7 goats will typically eat from the roof on any given day. Family run and a community staple for close to 6 decades, it seems worth the trip if you're anywhere close to Sister Bay, WI. You can see the goats in this image:

Photos by: Cabel's Blog LOLElle.See.Be Photography/ Timo3k