2 Extremely Exclusive Restaurant Tables

March 15, 2011

In the restaurant business, the key word is location. It's everything. These two restaurants (well, OK, one is about to open) have pushed that idea to drum up new business.

1) Alexander's Steakhouse: This San Francisco eatery has one really terrible table. It's right in between both bathrooms in the restaurant, crammed into a tiny space. Well, Alexander's has taken a novel approach to it. They will offer customers 50% off their whole bill (food and drink) to take the terrible table. A brilliant way to drum up buzz about the restaurant and fill the restaurant completely.

Alexander's Steakhouse

2) The Cube: This brings the idea of a pop-up restaurant to a whole new level. "The Cube" is a pop-up restaurant that will open later this year at various European landmarks. At 1500 square feet, the venue can hold 18 guests for lunch ($207) and dinner ($277). Michelin star-receiving chefs will prepare food for the guests. First stop for the pop-up: Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels. Reservations are still available.

The Cube Restaurant

Photos by SF Gate/