Dinner and a PC

March 16, 2011

More people are doing it, according to a UK survey. Online viewing service SeeSaw.com interviewed 2,000 people about their dinner habits and found that 60% had eaten dinner while using a computer. 20% admitted to doing so regularly and 15% said they had watched a television program on their computer during a meal.

Perhaps more notably, close to one fourth of respondents said the PC had replaced the TV as their primary source of evening entertainment. Those numbers may spell the end of an American institution: the TV dinner. Though the origins of the TV dinner remain up for discussion, they first became popular in the 1950s by Swanson's. The introduction of already-prepared, simple to serve meals simplified the cooking process in kitchens across the country. Today, these meals account for billions of dollars in annual sales.

But maybe we'll have to start calling them by a different name.

Photo by thms.nl