White House Garden Lands Book Deal

March 17, 2011

michelle obama>

Seems like everyone gets one these days. Michelle Obama will write a book about the garden and about healthy eating. She also plans to include some of the Obama family's favorite recipes.

The First Lady signed a deal with Crown Publishing for the not-yet-titled book, scheduled to come out in April 2012. Obama has begun to write, and plans to include the President in the writing process. All proceeds from the book will go to charity. She received no advance.

To date, the garden has yielded more than 2,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Obama was seen planting a third season of crops for the garden on March 16. Since coming into office, Obama has advocated the benefits of eating local food and started an anti-obesity campaign called "Let's Move!" last year (see here for a past post about the program).

Photo by: Wikimedia Commons



Janice Harper's picture

It's an amazing garden, straight out of Findhorn (to those of us who remember the seventies!). One of those battling chef shows did a special on making food from the Whitehouse kitchen a while back, and I've never seen anything like it -- an infinite array of psychedelic colors, vegetables and herbs that appeared to be fertilized with steroids, and all of it organic.