5 Truly Bizarre Restaurant Locations

March 19, 2011

There are lots of interesting places to go for dinner on Earth, but these places are truly unique. Would you make a reservation at any of them?

1. Stalin's Bunker: It's not entirely clear from the website itself, but it seems like a visit to Stalin's actual underground bunker in a suburb of Moscow also includes a meal in an underground restaurant. This woman's account of her visit supports that. So for a little more than $100 you too can enjoy a tour of Stalin's bunker and lunch in a restaurant decorated like the former dictator's favorite region.  You can see one room of the bunker below...

2. Inside the Ruins of One of the Oldest Buildings in Rome (Da Pancrazio): During the Roman era, one of the most important social spaces in the entire city was the Theater of Pompeii. In front of the theater, the architect built a meeting spot for Roman politicians to meet (so they wouldn't have to travel long distances after the theater to hold political discussions). It was in this spot that Julius Caesar was murdered. The restaurant lies on top of the ancient theater, but guests can go below and examine the ruins. A scene from the 2010 movie "Eat, Pray, Love" was also filmed here.

Da Pancrazio

3. On a Huge Rock in the Middle of the Ocean ("Rock Restaurant"): Located in Zanzibar, this restaurant is found on a huge rock several hundred feet into the ocean. The fish are freshly caught and well-prepared (according to the reviews). You have to swim out if the tide is too high, but can walk out to it much of the time. If you want to pass the time while waiting for food, you can explore the nearby beach or swim in the blue water. The restaurant itself is just three tables and very simply decorated, but the scenery makes up for it. Don't you think?

Rock Restaurant

4) Inside a Church (The Spurriergate Centre): Since the 1980s, this center has been open inside the working church of St. Michael's Spurriergate in York. There are several shops where visitors can purchase items ranging from books to stained glass. Or, they can head to the restaurant and grab a bite to eat. Most ingredients are Fair Trade and the center is open for most of the year. You can check out a photo of the dining hall below.

5. A (Converted) Public Toilet (Puutorin Vessa): This quaint restaurant in the Finnish town of Turku began with much humbler origins. Puutorin Vessa was originally the public toilet for the town's first bus stop in 1933. Now, the area is flourishing with a vibrant brewery scene, but none is more famous than this one. The restaurant embraces its heritage with lots of gags and jokes throughout the inside.

Photos by: helga.glassdapancrazio.it, mikeh2bi, JorvikDailyPhoto, Esa K



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How fun! I love the one in the restaurant - they aren't kidding around when they say "fresh" caught fish!