Pepsi Unveils First Green Soda Bottle

March 20, 2011

Citing its history as a leader in environmental sustainability, Pepsi announced that it has developed the first soda bottle made from plant-based, fully sustainable resources in hopes of creating beverage containers with greatly reduced carbon footprints. The bottle is made with bio-based raw materials like "switch grass, pine bark and corn husks." In the future, the company hopes to incorporate by-products like orange peels, potato peels and oat hulls from its food products into the bottle. A pilot production of the bottle will begin in 2012. If successful, the company plans to move into immediate full-scale commercialization of their product. The new bottle would be 100 percent recyclable. A prototype of the bottle can be seen below:

Pepsi sustainable green bottle

Photo by PepsiCo



Cynthia Briggs's picture

I'm a coke person myself, but I say good for Pepsi. This is revolutionary...enough so that I might switch - at least until coke is able to go green too. This is a fabulous step forward in solving our plastic bottle problem!