2 Transportation Fights Involving Food

March 21, 2011

Eating food while traveling can be one of the most stressful parts of any trip. However, it seems strange for people to come to blows over food. Well, these two people show that assumption is wrong.

1) Vegetarian Airline Passenger: Somewhere between the Dominican Republic and Newark, the situation turned bad. A 30-year-old vegetarian woman turned irate after she discovered the food she was served was not vegetarian. She complained about how she was served it, and ultimately threw the entire tray at the flight attendent (all this in mid-air). Port Authority officers met the plane when it landed, but the flight attendent did not press charges against the woman.

2) NYC Subway Rider: Though there are no formal rules against eating food on the NYC subways, it seems like fellow riders may take the law into their own hands if you do. In this case, a woman is eating some spaghetti on a Brooklyn subway car. Another woman across the car from her objects to this. At some point, the other woman says "What kind of animals eat on the train?" to the eater and her friend. A brawl begins. You can see the YouTube video below.


Photo by (rinse)