Nationwide Bake Sale to Help Japan

March 21, 2011


nationwide bake sale effort benefiting the victims of the disasters in Japan started as an idea in the Bay Area and has spread to locations all over the country. The bake sale will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 2. Proceeds benefit Peace Winds Japan. Last year a similar group of people from across the country raised more than $23,000 for the people of Haiti. They hope to top that (double, triple, quadruple) total this year. States already involved include, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, North Carolina and California, with more projected to join soon. Sister bake sale efforts will occur in Akron, Ohio and Toronto, Canada on the same day.

If you want to look into corporate sponsorship, want to match donations, or just want to get involved, send an email to For what it's worth, there is an interesting column today in Canada's Globe and Mail about benefit sales and why the author is uncomfortable with them. They feel, above all else, that it is a strange notion to be eating well as so many people suffer from hunger.

Most areas across the country have other fundraising efforts underway. Consult your local newspapers and blogs for information about how you can help the victims of this horrible disaster.

Photo by Helga Weber



Catherine's picture

Sacramento is also doing one via my site. We are including restaurants and bakeries as well as the bloggers.