2 Harmless Sounding But Highly Alcoholic Drinks

March 22, 2011

Apparently, people didn't learn their lesson from the Four Loko debacle. Here are two (almost) kid-friendly sounding liquids that are actually highly alcoholic and will be introduced shortly. 1) Blast: When something's endorsed by Snoop Dogg (not to be confused with this guy), you know it has to be good. Blast will be a potent, fruity flavored drink that's 12 percent alcohol by volume. It comes in six yummy flavors including strawberry lemonade and raspberry watermelon. Drinks will be sold in bottles and cans. It's made by the folks at Colt 45 whose own signature alcohol contains about half the alcohol. Critics say the bottles will make drinking more attractive to underage children. No, really, that strawberry lemonade flavored bottle that will get you hammered quickly probably won't do that.

Blast by Colt 45

2) Root: When regular root beer just isn't enough, why not try alcoholic root beer? Starting next month, some New York City bars will start serving Root, which is just that. The creators of this magic drink researched historic root beer recipes and formed their own blend of ingredients that left out sassafras (which is now a known carcinogen). Made in small batches in Pennsylvania and completely organic, this is certainly no A&W treat.

Photo by blogs.westword.com/ Gothamist