World's 10 Fattest Places

March 24, 2011

As the health care debate remains a hot button issue in politics, many people have focused their attention on the health of the American people. Scientists have demonstrated that overweight and obese people have more health problems and place a greater burden on the American infrastructure. With all that said, the United States is not the world's most obese place. The World Health Organization keeps tabs on the health of people all over the globe. They ranked the world's 10 most obese countries and the results are below (if you want to read more about the situation in Nauru, currently the world's heaviest place, see a post I did on the subject). The percentages reflect the number of people over age 15 that can be classified as overweight (with a Body Mass Index measurement greater than 25). Keep in mind that most of the countries on the list have a fraction of the population the United States does. Our crisis is clearly the largest in scope. 1. Nauru (94.5%) (Population: 9,322) 2. Federated States of Micronesia (91.1%) (Population: 111,000) 3. Cook Islands (90.9%) (Population: 19,569) 4. Tonga (90.8%) (Population: 104,000) 5. Niue (81.7%) (Population: 1,398) 6. Samoa (80.4%) (Population: 179,000) 7. Palau (78.4%) (Population: 20,879) 8. Kuwait (74.2%) (Population: 3,566,437) 9. United States of America (74.1%) (Population: 308,745,538) 10. Kiribati (73.6) (Population: 98,002) Photo by puuikibeach



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